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A properly selected piece of real estate can be a building block for your family unit and your financial present and future. Please allow us to help you to achieve your goals and dreams for yourself and your family. By filling out the Questionaire Form, you will

  1. Solidify your needs.
  2. Have knowledge of the duties of a Buyer Agent and
  3. Learn how to have your interests represented in securing a real estate property.

Selecting the wrong agent now can affect the long term financial security for you and your family many years into the future. Please include your email address and you will receive a Free newsletter entitled, "It Really Does Matter Who Represents Your Interests"

Whether this is your first home or your 59th, buying a home is stressful. As your buyers Representative we will help you to determine:

  1. Your needs.
  2. Your wants.
  3. Your desires.
  4. The successful next step to your real estate life.
  5. Many times we can save you thousands of dollars. Ask us how.

Will this home accommodate my lifestyle? My furniture? What size yard will I need? What area or neighborhood do I prefer? Does my new home need an additional garage, a fireplace, security or any other premium that I am willing to afford? Will I forego a premium for the value of convenience or an amenity to satisfy my lifestyle? When do I need to move? How long am I willing to look? Would I be willing to purchase a home without having my existing property sold or rented?

As your buyers representative, it is our position to help you by not getting emotionally involved in the transaction. As a detached 3rd party, we can help you to step back and re-evaluate your goals and objectives before making an expensive buying decision.

How long should I wait to Make an Offer on a Home that I�ve Found That I Like?

Buy it before someone else does.

How Much Do I Offer on a Home that I�ve Found That I like?

You will probably get the home if you offer full asking price. An appraisal will verify the homes value. Anything less than full asking price doesn�t guarantee you will get the home. If you offer low expecting to raise the price, you may loose your dream home.