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Laura Chaney
Broker Associate
(785) 865-5000


Invest in yourself first by following a well structured plan. By using market place knowledge and statistics

  1. You can determine market strength and weaknesses;
  2. Know what allows the seller greater control;
  3. Base your decisions on true market condition.

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Investment real estate is both rewarding and work. Many times the only true return doesn't come until the 4th or 5th year of owning an investment. The services that we provide for an investor is that:

  1. You may enter into the MLS your requirements. You will be notified any time a property meets your specifications.
  2. We will help you get pre approved with a lender . Your offer will be stronger because you have the ability to perform. This will eliminate the guesswork of the seller and will set a guideline for what you will want to accomplish.
  3. We will give you our professional opinion of the price location and condition of property you are considering purchasing. Our opinion of the price, location, and condition is detached and less emotional.
  4. We will review and explain all of the form you will be signing, disclosures and disclaimers, rights of recession and so on. You will have an explanation and reason for every form you sign.
  5. Once we have successfully negotiated a purchase agreement, we will help you select inspectors and after the inspections we will determine if renegotiation is necessary.